Legends of Tomorrow S6E6 Review: Attack of the Clones


Ok let's get the bad stuff out of the way first. One, this episode feels like it probably should have been at least 2 episodes. The pace is all over the place and it's overstuff with different story elements. Also, we're still not feeling Spooner. It feels like each episode they're workshopping the character to see what will work. To be fair though, this isn't the first time a character on Legends has taken a while for us to warm up to, so if there's any show that can pull, it's this one.

So with that all out of the way, we're starting to see how things are going to come together. Constantine is keeping his lack of powers from the team and so we know he's going to have to seek that alien magical source to get his back. Also, the theme of this season is clearly "what makes us, us". We're seeing it with Bishop and Sara (Sara is now a clone). Spooner trying to figure out what she is. Both Astra & John dealing with their new situation. Even Gary being an alien. It's always fun watching Legends start off feeling like it's just silliness with no real connections only to watch as the writers start pulling it all together.

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