Legends of Tomorrow S6E1 Review – We’re Doing Aliens Now


Well...I guess we're doing Aliens now. Seriously, is there any other show that can be this crazy and wild yet make perfect sense? Of course not. 

Gary's an alien. Sara is abducted on an alien ship. Ava is trying to rally the Legends to save her. Zari and Constantine are trying to pretend they're not getting drunk. Behrad is getting high and Mick is gonna drink until he cooperates. It's like we never left. 

Seriously, we don't know where the show is going but we're happy to be along for the ride. This show has found a new way to sprinkle the timeline with time anomalies that the team needs to clean up and this time they're alien. Oh and we've gotten more Aleister Crowley name dropping so now they have to do him on the show. Someone call the Last Podcast on the Left guys and let them know.

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