Kiersey Clemons Fights For Her Life In ‘Sweetheart’

Sweetheart is Castaway meets Creature from the Black Lagoon. 

Sweetheart will make you question your survival instincts... 

Imagine you're out at sea, partying with your friends when you're forced to abandon ship. You wash ashore on a seemingly deserted island. What do you do first? How do you make shelter, find water, find food? And what happens when night falls? 

Coming off the success of his 2016, sci-fi film Sleight, JD Dillard brings us, Sweetheart, a small, intimate horror story that follows Jenn (Kiersey Clemons, Dope) as she works to survive on a deserted island that is also the feeding ground for a deadly, nocturnal sea creature. It's Castaway meets Creature from the Black Lagoon. 

Clemons commands the screen as Jenn, a competent and resourceful young woman whose survival instincts immediately kick into high gear. She takes to the island like a fish to water (no pun intended) and uses everything that washes ashore to her advantage. Once she realizes that surviving the island will take more than finding food and shelter, she kicks into high gear like a Doomsday prepper, getting ready to face down whatever goes bump in the night. The biggest question that goes unanswered is what happened in Jenn's life to prepare her to fight monsters. 

Sweetheart's intimate setting is a good choice 

With a small cast and a contained setting, Dillard has crafted a taut narrative that, unfortunately, leaves little room to explore Jenn's backstory but by the end of the film, there is little doubt that whatever has brought Jenn to this point in her life, she's ready to face whatever obstacles block her path ... and they better be prepared to face her. 

Listen to Shanna and Ro talk more about Sweetheart in the audio review and be sure to catch Sweetheart available on Digital and VOD October 22nd.

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