Kicking Off the Season


*We start this episode with a special message about how to donate directly to black women affected by Harvey. Here are the links you need (they're case sensitive):

  • Donate List: Bit.Ly/SupportBlackWomenHOU
  • Recipiant Application: Bit.Ly/SupportBWHOU

Finally, the time is here. After WAY too long, college football is back in our lives. Forget preseason watchlists and 3.6694 star recruits and satellite camps and the under compensated workforce, by god we've got real live college football to talk about. And to officially kick off season 2, we bring back the guest most likely to replace me, my Dad.


  • A realistic take on the Falcons
  • Scraping the bottom of the NFL Quarterback barrel.
  • Georgia football is determined to kill me, I swear to god.
  • How bout dem Gators?
  • Bama remains the Death Star of college football.
  • Texas is 0-1. Charlie Strong is 1-0.
  • Injuries and the dark side of the game we love.
  • Read Spencer Hall's season opener. Every year it's amazing.



My Dad

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