Justice League Review – A Mess But Still Enjoyable


Justice League is out and well...yeah. By now you've seen the reviews (even Kriss's early one hopefully) and you're probably wondering if you should see it. Well, that's what this review is for. Kriss and Phenom discuss the many problems with the film (spoiler-free) but why that should discourage you from checking it out. Bottom Line: Warner Brothers and DC seem to be very self-aware with this film and are attempting to fix the problems. But timing (and the director) didn't leave much time to course correct in a non-messy way. And that's how we get Justice League. We discuss what works and what doesn't.

In addition to that, we also talk about the Rotten Tomatoes controversy with them withholding the score for Justice League until a few hours before release. It's bad and unethical and Rotten Tomatoes should be called out for it.


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There are definitely problems. Lots of them. But its still manages to piece together a film that is short and enjoyable enough while getting to the point
Charles (Kriss)

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