Justice League Comic Book Book Club Discussion This Saturday


When: Saturday November 1th, 2014 at 4 pm

What: We'll be discussing the first 6 issues of the New 52 Justice League comics

Where: I'll be using Spreecast again (until a better option presents itself).   We'll be live here at 4 pm est.  Join us in the chat.

Here are some starting points for our discussion but they won't be limited to just these.

  1. How do you feel about this line up for the Justice League?
  2. The New 52 redesigned some characters how do you feel about that?  Particularly Superman.
  3. Cyborg plays a pretty significant role in this arc, how do you feel about the character?
  4. Do you think 6 issues is enough to introduce the team coming together and a villain like Darkseid?

As with last month, I've been SWAMPED with work the last month.  So if you talked to me about being on the Justice League panel and I haven't gotten back to you, first off I apologize for that and secondly, email me at CBBC@MovieTrailerReviews.Net and I'll add you to the panel for Saturday



Charles (Kriss)


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