Joshua Williamson’s Flash Volumes 7 – 9: Wally West, Fastest Man Alive


We're back with more of Joshua Williamson's Flash run. This time we're talking volumes 7 to 9 (issues 39 to 57). Williamson's run really feels like a great jumping on point for the Flash. Since it's during Rebirth, it gives us a great reintroduction of not only Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne but also Wally West. This part of the run felt like Williamson telling all of us that grew up with Wally as our Flash that his years as the Flash mattered. And while this series is centered on Barry, it felt good to get acknowledgement of Wally's years (decades) as the Flash.


  • The Flash Volume 7: Perfect Storm
  • The Flash Volume 8: Flash War
  • The Flash Volume 9: Reckoning of the Forces

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