Joshua Williamson’s Flash Volumes 1 – 3 – The Reintroduction of Barry Allen


We finally get back into recording Character Corners and it still takes me 2 weeks to release the episode. Smh. Sorry for the delay folks but we're finally hitting the Joshua Williamson run of The Flash. We consider this the reintroduction of Barry Allen. Sure in 2009 Geoff Johns did a "rebirth" of Barry Allen, having him finally return to the mantle after being dead for so long. But this run during DC's rebirth really gets Barry back to the basics. Anyone that's read this run knows it comes back down to Barry vs Thawne but the way this run starts off, it removes some of the staples like Thawne and the Rogues and focuses first on undoing some of the mistakes from New 52. We start with Wally coming back then there are hints of Jay as well. And of course the most important thing: how naive Barry is and how he runs into situations without seeing the big picture.

We start with the first three volumes and when we come back we'll hit The Button (the crossover with Batman and setup for Doomsday Clock).


  • The Flash Volume 1: Lightning Strikes Twice
  • The Flash Volume 2: Speed of Darkness
  • The Flash Volume 3: Rogues Reloaded

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