Joshua Williamson’s Flash Volume 13 to Volume 15


Apologies for the delayed release. Baby Dpalm came a bit early and so we've been on a little hiatus

Thankfully we recorded the final episode in our Flash series earlier in the month. So without further ado, the finale of the Joshua Williamson run.

We end this run as any good Flash run should with a finale showdown between Barry and Eobard. Throughout the 15 volumes, we got a really good reintroduction of Barry Allen that paid homage to the entire Flash legacy. We get the return and reunion of the Flash Family from the Wally years (Jay, Bart, Max and more) which has been teased all run and then finally comes back together. This run really solidifies why Rebirth really was something different for DC. Instead of running from their past they embraced it and used to to create a new legacy. This is what makes this run so much fun to read.


  • Volume 13 Rogues Reign
  • Volume 14 The Flash Age
  • Volume 15 Finish Line

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Charles (Kriss)

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    Zemo x2 19 December, 2023 at 19:42 Reply

    I still do not care for this run. Sorry but it still did not convince me. Barry was too unlikeable and brooding, the other forces were a rip off of the emotional spectrum from GL, RF was overexposed and Williamson ruined the backstory of Hunter by revealing that Thawne gave clown the gun (seriously is nothing bloody sacred anymore). The speed force makes less sense now, Godspeed sucks and the new speedster heroes (Wallace included) suck. The series improved greatly once Wally came back and became the leader character with his family.

    All this run did was reminde me why dc should have kept Barry dead and by bringing him back they ruined the flash legacy and even now they ate finding new ways to ruin it. And Didio isn’t even in charge anymore!

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