‘Jason Bourne’ Official Trailer – Bourne is Back and He Remembers


Yup...another Jason Bourne movie. But it seems that they learned their lesson with Bourne Legacy (that didn't star Matt Damon) and are making Matt the center focus of this movie. Can't blame them. The three Bourne films starting Damon were all well received and it looks like this film is carrying along that trend. It will be interesting though to see if the mess Damon got himself in with Effie Brown with 'Project Greenlight' and diversity will affect how this new film will be received. Matt was clearly wrong in that situation and with more eyes focused on and sensitive to discussions about diversity, I can't imagine that won't have an affect here.

That aside, if you're a fan of Damon's previous Bourne movies, then this should be right up your alley.



Charles (Kriss)

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