Into the Hickmanverse Part 8: Avengers & New Avengers – Broken Men


We're getting closer to the end of out Hickman Marvel series and things are starting to fall apart for everyone. In the two series we watch as Steve not only remembers what the Illuminati did to him but also becomes hardened in his decision that they are wrong and must be stopped. On the New Avengers side, we watch as the Illuminati becomes even more broken. T'Challa, Namor and Black Bolt are all Kings without Kingdoms. Dr. Strange has sacrificed everything. Reed has pretty much given up his family (and we saw in Hickman's Fantastic Four run what happens when Reed does that). Beast and Banner are facing a crisis of humanity. And Tony...well Tony is definitely broken but he also seems to be the only one that truly understands how all this is going to end. 

We will tackle Time Runs Out in the next part and we see that like before, All Hope Lies in Doom. 


  • Avengers:  25 - 28
  • Original Sin 1 - 8
  • Avengers 28 - 34
  • New Avengers 16 - 23

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