Into the Hickmanverse Part 7: Avengers Part 2 – Infinity


We're back for Part 7 of our Into the Hickmanverse series as we got through the world in Marvel that Hickman has built. After looking at what we have remaining, there will be 11 total parts. We'll get the way through Secret Wars with Part 10 and for Part 11 we'll talk about the new age of X-Men that Hickman has ushered in. Before that though, things are starting to heat up in Hickman's Avengers story with the Infinity Crossover. 

There are three main stories here and they’re all connected.

  1. Thanos searching for his Inhuman that he can kill him
  2. The Avengers go to space to stop the Builders who are conquering and destroying worlds on their bee-line to Earth
  3. The Illuminati stuck between #1 & #2: Helping stop the Thanos invasion (also helping Black Bolt) and Dealing with an incursion that leads to them having a chat with a Builder from another universe

This is where we start seeing more and more things come together for Hickman's vision. The theme of Life/Death is very heavy here in all the books. From Thane/Thanos to how the Avengers deal with the galactic threat versus the Illuminati. We also get some of the call backs to his Fantastic Four run, like with the Bridge being recalibrated to look at other worlds and how they dealt with incursions. Then there's the hints of how much worse things are going to get. 


  • Infinity #1
  • New Avengers #8
  • Avengers #18
  • New Avengers #9
  • Infinity #2
  • New Avengers #10
  • Avengers #19
  • Infinity #3
  • Avengers #20
  • Infinity #4
  • Avengers #21
  • New Avengers #11
  • Infinity #5
  • Avengers #22 to #23
  • Infinity #6
  • New Avengers #12
  • Avengers #24 (also labeled #24.NOW)
  • New Avengers #13 – #15
  • New Avengers Annual #1

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