Into the Hickmanverse Part 5: Hickman Saves the Ultimate Universe

We're back with part 5 of our Into the Hickmanverse series. This time Hickman teams up with Bendis again to dive into the Ultimate universe. But before we do that, we first have to address how we got here. Yes that means retelling the story (if you can call it that) of Ultimatum and how the Ultimate universe was left in shambles. We then cover Bendis' trilogy (Ultimate Enemy, Ultimate Mystery and Ultimate Doom) that casts the Ulimate Universe's Reed Richards as a villain.
All of that sets the stage for Hickman to come in and tell his story. But first he gives us a little background on Ultimate Thor and retells the story of Ragnarok. Then Hickman tells the story he was telling in Fantastic Four but this time with another evil Reed Richards. The story of "The Maker". Again, this is all laying the groundwork for what Hickman will be doing next: Avengers. We'll be back soon to tell that in a three-part series soon.


  • Pre-Hickman
    • Ultimate Enemy 1 -4
    • Ultimate Mystery 1- 4
    • Ultimate Doom 1 - 4
  • Ultimate Comics Thor 1 -4
  • Ultimate Comics Fallout 1 - 6
  • Ultimate Comics Ultimates 1 - 6
  • Ultimate Comics Hawkeye 1 -4
  • Ultimate Comics Ultimates 7 - 12

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