Into the Hickmanverse Part 10: Secret Wars


We wrap up our Avengers part of our Hickman series with the 9-issue Secret Wars event that sees Hickman rebuild the Marvel Universe first in Doom's vision then from Reed's. Secret Wars is one of those events where you don't have to read all the related non-Hickman written issues to understand the story but you want to. It's a good cap to the end of the story Hickman has been telling not only from Avengers but all the way back to SHIELD. Also, just like in Time Runs Out you start to see where he lays the seeds for what he later does in X-Men. 

There is one more episode we're doing in this Hickman series and it will be to cover Hickman's run on X-Men and the new dynamic he created for mutants in the Marvel Universe. But before that we're going to head over to the DC world to talk about Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing. 

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