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Cinderella is Dead invites readers on an adventure where accepting love, demanding to be seen, and refusing to give up on yourself are the first steps in saving world.

I'm always a fan of books that open with a unique sense of urgency. And fairy tales. I'm a sucker for a good retelling. One of my favorites this year beautifully blends the two. Author Kalynn Bayron's debut young adult novel, Cinderella is Dead.

In Cinderella is Dead, Bayron, re-imagines the world of this classic with a striking sapphic story about a determined young woman willing to risk it all to expose the secrets and lies at the very heart of Cinderella’s mythic ‘happily ever-after’ in order to free a kingdom.

You can read my full review at Fiyah Literary Magazine.

But, after reading and reviewing this story, I couldn't stop thinking about how much this re-imagining of Cinderella's world stayed with me. So I thought I'd take my questions to the source. 

Conversation with Author Kalynn Bayron

Kalynn agreed to sit down for a in-depth chat about her novel sharing what she hoped to accomplish by deconstructing the world of Cinderella and why the story and world-building took shape the way it did. 

Listen as I get a look under the hood and inside this story that so much more than a remake. 

Cinderella is Dead released July 7, 2020 in the US. In my opinion, it's one of the best of the summer.  

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