Insurgent Review


insurgent-1Insurgent is the second film in the Divergent series. This is a series based off of a trilogy of books written by Veronica Roth. For the most part Insurgent was a good movie. If you saw and liked the first movie, then you should have no problem with watching this sequel. Insurgent gives you everything you got in the first movie and a little more. It gives you romance, action, and a pretty good story line. The majority of the cast hasn't changed and is back in this film with Shailene Woodley reprising her role as Tris.

The one issue that might cause some fans of this series some trouble is if they were expecting the film to adhere to what is in the books. After exiting the theater I heard several ladies state the movie is nothing like the book. This comment made me wonder exactly what was different. I went back to read the book and discovered that there were quite a few significant changes.

Insurgent-2Without giving anything away I will say the movie took a lot of liberties with the storyline of the book. Fight scenes, rescues, the love story, conversations, and the way deaths or killings happen are completely different from the way it happened in the book. Even the nightmares that Tris experiences is different from the book. Again, if you haven't read the books and only saw the first movie then this shouldn't be too much of a problem for you but for others it might be a bit frustrating to watch

If you haven't read the book you will be happy with the movie or maybe love the movie. Having gone back and read the book I must say I still enjoyed the movie. I do hope the next movie Allegiant follows the book more closely.





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