Jeff Sessions: The Racist Keebler Elf


We're back with a new episode of the Insanity Check podcast. Yet another week in Trump's America. Betsy DeVos gets booed into oblivion and Jeff Sessions is turning out to be the racist Keebler Elf we all feared he would be.

Show Topics:

  • Betsy DeVos gets booed at HBCU commencement
  • Inviting DeVos to speak on education anywhere is PR suicide
  • TSU cancels John Cornyn's speech 
  • Jerry Falwell Jr says Trump has done more for Christians in a short time than any other President
  • Time to talk about how terrible Christians are in this country
  • Trump's administration continues to roll back Obama policies
  • Jeff Sessions is the racist Keebler Elf we warned you about
  • Why Eric Holder was so important and why we might not see that again
  • Trump fires Comey & makes a complete mess
  • What DNI Clapper actually said (spoiler alert: Trump was wrong)
  • Yes, Men are Trash. Period. We need to stop whining about it
  • Black Woman Shoutout
    • Butterfly Dreamz  -The program seeks to develop literacy and leadership skills in kids (our kids), AND teach them how to be writers. 
    • Hayles Creative Elements -Black woman empowerment/influencer conference 





Charles (Kriss)

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