Insanity Check: It Be Your Own People


Happy Black History Month everyone! This month Kriss is back with a new episode of the Insanity Check with guest Tim (@Peoplescrtic). As everyone knows Black History Month is always prime time for foolery and ridiculousness. And 2020 is no different. Because of that there is no Great Moments in White Privilege this month. Instead Kriss is saying "Happy Black History Month" with a few ridiculous tales about how sometimes it be your own people. From the black choir director who thought having an all white choir singing negro spirituals was a good idea to the black producer who thought it wise to hide the identity of a white rape victim by having her dress up with a curly fro and black face. And who could forget all the folks caping for Bloomberg? Now to be fair...for $2500 a month, you might could get some "Mike Will Get It Done" ads on the MTR Network.


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