Yes Bill Maher is Racist – Get Him Outta Here


We're back with a new episode of the Insanity Check. Joining Kriss this time is Latoya (Winter Reign) host of Secret Sauce on the MTR Network. Thanks to Wonder Woman, Bill Maher being racist...again, and the DNC, we have plenty to talk about.

Show Topics:

  • Wonder Woman hits theaters and it's good...
  • Bill Maher back at it again.
  • The DNC is ignoring Black Women and its a HUGE mistake
  • This Week in Trump
  • Great Moments In White Privilege
  • Black Woman Shoutout
    • Styles of Imagination - Diane Linston is a Fashion Designer from Cleveland Ohio. Maple Heights very own Fashion Designer, Diane Linston steps out as one of the most talented fashion designers in the state of Ohio. Linston, has been featured in more than 20 magazines; nationally and internationally. She was featured in Today’s Black Women September 2013 issues. Madame Noire Magazine, December 2013, issues Ohio 2013 issue and a host of others. Linsotn has participated in New York and Washington DC Fashion-week. Linston’s NGU Collections garnered national attention and caused her to work with local and national celebrities. Her credits allowed her to work with Actress Jazmin Lewis, Dwight Eubank of the Atlanta Housewives, and the mother of Singer John Legend. Recently, Linston modeled for Maple Heights Mayor Elect Annette M. Blackwell, Blackwell is the First African American Woman to be elected to serve as mayor.  





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