Insanity Check #673: Welcoming Our Robot Overlords


Life has been busy for Kriss so premium content has been down the last two months. So to make up for it, premium members get a special Insanity Check episode with Kriss and Dpalm. We talk about some of the big things that have happened over the last few months which we haven't had a chance to talk about. We start the show off with the thing that got Kriss to come out of retirement with the Insanity Check: Robots and AI is out of control and as a society we just don't seem to care. From the Boston Dynamics robot out here doing full gymnastic routines and parkour while giving Destiny 2-like emotes to media outlets firing their writing staff and replacing them with AI to write articles (while not disclosing to readers), yeah...we're going full Terminator 2. 

Add to that all the misinformation on the internet and the reality that it's almost impossible to fact check because now we have too much information. And we don't even know if that information is coming from real people. Yeah it was time for an Insanity Check. So premium members, enjoy and thanks for sticking with us. 

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Charles (Kriss)

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