Insanity Check #600



Kriss brings on fellow friends and podcasters Phenom from Where's My 40 Acres and Rod & Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips to celebrate 16th seed UMBC beating #1 seed UVA in the Men's NCAA Tournament...

Oh and they also talk about 600 episodes of the Insanity Check, being in the podcast game for 8-10 years and sharing their keys to success and other advice for those who are currently podcasting and those looking to get into it. They talk about what go them into podcasting, the biggest lessons they've learned, when they knew they were successful and what advice they think podcasters need to know.




Charles (Kriss)

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    Bill James 23 March, 2018 at 16:29 Reply

    Congrats on 600 episodes.
    Your struggles through the years have paid off with a great network which was built from the ground up. Please don’t dwell on what the newer podcasters have as a technical advantage on you, you have the struggle to build your podcast. You, Rod, Karen and Phenom did what you tell everyone to do, build your fan base.
    The most important thing that was understated was that you built your show on content. What goes unnoticed is that “Content is King”. Without content, no one will support you, no one will come back, no one will go premium. Keep adding to your shows and people will keep coming back.

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