Insanity Check: The New UFC


Show Topics:

  • We just want to make it to 2018 and Black Panther
  • Mass Effect Andromeda is a great game
  • United Airlines is the new UFC
    • United's CEO has to issue 4 different statements
    • No...Dr. Dao is not the "Asian Rosa Parks"
  • Sean Spicer, Hitler's use of chemical weapons & "Holocaust Centers"
  • Jeffrey Lord compare Trump to MLK
  • Let's all laugh at Tina...I mean Tami...Lahren
  • Great Moments in White Privilege 
  • Black Woman Shoutout
    • Lynnfield Historical Consulting - helps people with genealogy and other history-related projects. 
    • Rayo & Honey - Goods With Positive Intent: pennants handcrafted in Brooklyn w/felt text combining urban pop-culture & modern design aesthetic
    • My Sisters and Me - Women of Color Photographers Network and Support Group

Guest: The Doctor- Twitter 

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