Insanity Check #552 – Just Listen to Black Women



  • The Post-Truth society we live in
  • Men interjecting themselves in the abortion debate
  • Obama launches official investigation into Russian hacking
  • Folks want any excuse not to focus on the racism & anti-blackness
  • The Safety Pin Box backlash
  • Only black women have to prove themselves
  • The anti-blackness of black men even on the left
  • Don't Let Bernie Sanders Get Your Ass Whooped
  • Black men need to do better
  • Charlamagne and the ridiculous idea that black women aren't building platforms like Tomi Lahren
  • Why its hard to build a platform as a person of color
  • Great Moments in White Privilege
  • Black Woman Shoutout
    • Black Breastfeeding SisterhoodWe have a breastfeeding support group called the Black Breastfeeding Sisterhood. We meet every 1st and 3rd Monday from 3-5pm at the Willow Tree Family Center at 3333 S. Pennsylvania in Lansing,Michigan. We serve food and older kids and supportive family members are welcome. It is co-facilitated by Claretta Duckett-Freeman and Na'imah Muhammad who are Certified Lactation Counselors.

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