Insanity Check #550: The Year of the Mediocre White Man




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Charles (Kriss)


  1. Avatar
    Charles 3 December, 2016 at 11:24 Reply

    Hi Kriss.

    I really like all the shows and appreciate the work you do. But, I want to point out something that you’ve repeatedly stated as fact that I think is incorrect. It is, at the very least, misleading.

    You’ve repeatedly stated that Hillary got more votes than Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary. But, that “total” that people references includes state primaries that were disqualified.

    The “total” that is listed on Wikipedia is Obama: 17,584,692 to Hillary’s: 17,857,501. This “total” gives Hillary a 272,809 vote lead. But, I know that you’re very aware what happened in the primaries in Michigan and Florida. So, Hillary’s “total” includes primaries that didn’t count. States that the candidates agreed to not campaign in. States that the candidates (at the time) agreed shouldn’t count. The votes in those primaries netted Hillary 623,081 more votes. We all know Hillary tired to challenge the disqualifications when it became clear that her path to the nomination would be very difficult without those states. Essentially asking the DNC to ignore their own rules (that she agreed to) because it would beneficial to her campaign.

    Counting those disqualified primaries in order to say Hillary received more votes is a bit misleading, imo. Counting Michigan is the most problematic because Obama, who was not even on the ballot, lost 328,309 to 0 (not a misprint). That 328K alone would wipe out Hillary’s popular vote “win”. Side not, Bernie won the Michigan primary in 2016.

    Michigan: Hillary: 328,309 – Obama: 0

    The major candidates (Obama, Clinton, Edwards) didn’t even campaign in Michigan.

    “On October 9, 2007, following Michigan’s breach of DNC rules, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, and John Edwards withdrew from the Michigan Democratic Primary ballot.”,_2008#Pre-primary_events_and_polling

    From wiki:
    “Hillary Clinton and Christopher Dodd decided to remain on the ballot.[10] Although Clinton said she would honor a pledge that she and the other Democratic candidates had earlier made to refrain from campaigning or participating in Michigan. Clinton and Dodd drew sharp criticism from Biden, who stated that the two candidates had “chosen to hedge their bets” . . . ”

    Florida: Hillary: 870,986 – Obama: 576,214 – Edwards: 251,562

    FL netted Hillary 294,772 votes over Obama

    “all the candidates to pledge not to campaign or participate in Florida, and all the major candidates signed the pledge.”,_2008

    • Charles (Kriss)
      Kriss 5 December, 2016 at 23:28 Reply

      I’m counting the votes that were there. They agreed not the campaign there but folks still voted in those primaries. Not really sure what your point here is. Particularly since you threw in that note that Bernie won the primary in Michigan in 2016. Like…what’s your point? He won Michigan and got blown out in Florida. This shit just seems really odd that you felt the need to write this long ass post about 2008 and throw that Bernie shit in there

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