Insanity Check: The Audacity of Whiteness



  • Comic Book Store owner wants to keep politics out of Comic Books
  • The white fan boys that get upset cause they aren't the focus anymore
  • Black History Month In Trump's America
    • Mike Pence thanks Abe Lincoln
    • Black Pastor claims Gangs in Chicago want to work with Trump
    • Trump removes White Supremacists from the focus of program to root out domestic terrorists
  • Exhausted with White People
  • This Week in the Resistance
  • Great Moments White Privilege
  • Black Woman Shoutout
    • Raising Brand Marketing - is founded on more than twenty years of marketing management experience that spans industries from television, to health care, real estate and more. Our expertise is based in scholarly research and practical experience to determine best marketing practices for your business.
    • Vann Cosmetics - Gavanne Davis, is a New Orleans native. She holds a chemistry degree from Southern Methodist University, and an MBA from Tulane University. She has worked with top beauty companies around the country that stretch from Dallas to Southern California. You can find a few of her formulas published in Happi Magazine. Her passion for cosmetic science grew when she decided to “go natural.” She has done extensive research on product formulation and product development for naturally curly hair.


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