Insanity Check #544: Always Forward


I promise you that this show wasn't supposed to be this long but we couldn't help ourselves. Also, we are very random yet everything is related and comes full circle. With us being on break next week, this is the perfect episode to hold you over until we return from NYCC.


  • Luke Cage is for the Culture
  • The choices for Black Entertainment
  • Nate Parker just doesn't know when to shut up 
  • "They" don't want us to see The Birth of a Nation...Who is "They"
  • Tim Burton is weird and also has no idea what he's talking about with diversity
  • It's hard to admit you need to continue your education 
  • Donald Trump's terrible week
  • Hillary Clinton is nothing like Donald Trump
  • Allowing people to grow and learn from their mistakes 
  • Understanding that we will never be satisfied with our politicians and that's okay
  • Voting for Hillary Clinton is progress towards our goals
  • Whiteness Project Roulette
  • Black Woman Shoutout
    • Serena Williams/Althea Gibson
    • Zianna Oliphant
    • All the Black Women killing it in Entertainment


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