Insanity Check #536: Voting Your Conscience



  • Thank you to the Fans for the support for SDCC
  • Why our fans (all of our black podcast network) are the beset
  • Rebranding to the MTR Network
  • The RNC was just scary and sad
  • The Freddie Gray case and what it means
  • Cops shouldn't be coddled. There is no "War on Cops"
  • Even the DNC & Democrats need to stop putting Black people/systemic racism in the same sentence as "protecting cops"
  • The scary amount of protects cops get from prosecution
  • Rep. Steve King gives white supremacist talking points on live TV
  • Hillary Clinton is NOT "just as bad" as Donald Trump
  • The sexism & patriarchy that leads people to oversell Hillary's negatives while ignoring Trump's
  • Why 4 years of Trump could absolutely be as disastrous as people say
  • Voting your conscience for Jill Stein is silly because she hasn't earned it
  • Whiteness Project Roulette

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