Insanity Check #502: The War on Kids



  • Kriss will be on a Panel at DC Pod Fest
  • The challenge facing black podcasters & independent media
  • Adjusting to injuries in Football
  • The Assault at Spring Valley High
  • Why the Teacher was wrong
  • Adults that forget what they were like when they were kids
  • The struggles children of color face when no one believes in them
  • Great Moments in White Privilege
    • White families want a softer war on drugs now that Whites are addicted to Heroin more
    • Roman Polanski gets another pass
    • Jared Fogle was allowed to exist for too long
  • The GOP CNBC debate was a mess
  • Things Bernie Sanders supporters need to stop saying to black people
  • The Pretentious Critic's Corner
    • Bridge of Spies
    • The Wolverine
  • Fuck Jason Whitlock and RIP Grantland

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