Insanity Check #479: Black Rage



  • Jon Jones seems to have fucked up again
  • Anthony Johnson is a good story in mma
  • Freddie Gray and the boiling point in Baltimore
  • Why telling black people not to riot or loot is ridiculous
  • Violence is the language of protests
  • Stop telling Black people its their job to fix the issues of racism and police brutality
  • Age of Ultron coming this week

Bryan - @cubicle_bc
Dpalm - @dpalm66

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Charles (Kriss)


  1. Avatar
    MGeorgeBrennan 28 April, 2015 at 13:50 Reply

    I’m a 6 foot 7 inch black man who went to private school until 9th grade, was recruited to play bball at a Div I level while still scoring very highly on my SATs (a cognitive dissonance white people suffered with when, upon approaching me with “you MUST play basketball,” I would respond with “No, I’m currently about astronautical engineering and satellite design”), studied for my PhD in Scotland, and who lives in MD and works – worked – in Baltimore until I expressed myself a little too intently for the white C-Suite I was dealing with…so I was feeling damn near every word on this podcast. So angry at white – and ignorant black – response to black lives not mattering across my social media that I had to shut down my accounts…if I still had those accounts active, I’d share this podcast until the cows came home…you spoke my life, and reminded me I’m not alone…thanks!

  2. Avatar
    Sherry Payne 29 April, 2015 at 12:43 Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing your ‘black rage’. I only wish you had a wider audience. Is there any opportunity for at least brief coverage on a mainstream outlet?

    I’ve written you a few times before…what I learn helps me to be calm but VERY firm when my neighbors and acquaintances speak from fear and ignorance.

    (On a totally separate note, I love your Hello Cupid tales. My experiences as a 66 year old white woman in the dating world could contribute some humor to your, hopefully, upcoming book….what’s with all these wrinkly old men who want to finally marry so late in life? Haven’t they figured out they are gay?)

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