Inhumans Review: Maximus is Right

We're back to review episode 3 of season1  of Inhumans, Divide...and Conquer. So first things first, this episode is better than the pilot and proves that Inhumans had no business being released in IMAX in the theaters in the first place. That said, there's still a lot of problems, with the main issue being Black Bolt and Medusa being uninteresting. But that could change. Some flashbacks to younger Maximus and Black Bolt revealed some missing context to their relationship and upbringing that could have been useful in the pilot. Plus there's some interesting new characters (Dr Declan) that give a glimpse of a bigger and more interesting storyline.
The show also maintains interest with villains that viewers can't get behind. While we know Maximus is the bad guy because he's trying to have his family killed, he makes a compelling case. He comes off as the voice for the "everyday man" and wants to end the discriminatory caste system. On paper he's the revolutionary out fighting for the people. His story is clearly the most interesting and relatable of the Royal Family (Karnak being the second). With only 5 episodes left, will that be enough to save this first season of Inhumans?  We'll see.

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