Infinity War Spoiler Review


Kriss and Dpalm dive into Avengers Infinity War with our reaction to the movie, spoilers and theories on what's coming next for Avengers 4. Infinity War is a culmination of 10 years of the MCU and the Russos took full advantage of that.

  • Thor Odinson...MVP
  • Making the villain the protagonist
  • Thanos whooped Hulk's ass and told him to go home and be a family man
  • Thor & Rocket Raccoon is the buddy cop movie we never knew we wanted
  • The growth of characters and relationships from their solo movies
  • Tony Star didn't come to play with his Bleeding Edge suit
  • Marvel Studios understands power levels and we're so grateful for it
  • Avengers 4...please drop it early and please call it Avengers Assemble!

Oh and we throw in a quick discussion about the Avengers No Surrender comic event by Al Ewing that you need to read.

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Charles (Kriss)

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