All The Idiot King’s Men



We're back with a new episode of the Insanity Check. This week Kriss is joined by Dpalm so you know this show is going to go off the rails. But we actually keep it pretty civil. Kriss doesn't even troll Dpalm about Georgia's collapse in the National Championship Game. He's a good friend.


  • Thank you to all our supporters
  • Deadpool 2 moves up its date
  • Gambit loses its third director & New Mutants gets delayed 10 months (not good folks, not good)
  • Trump confuses Haiti  and African Nations for his own mouth and calls them a "shithole"
  • At this point, the real problem with Trump are all the shitty people around him (Pence, Paul Ryan, Stephen Miller)
  • No, we don't need (or really want) Oprah as President
  • Rapid Fire Quick rants
  • Do You Even Sci-Fi Bro?
    • Male sexbots are coming






Charles (Kriss)

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