Hulu’s Future Man Review: Episodes 1 – 4 – Parodying the 80’s in a Hilarious Way


Hulu's Future Man is a pretty hilarious series that has plenty of 80's movie callbacks that you're going to love. With it being from Seth Rogen and the creators of Sausage Party, you know it's going to have some over the top adult themes. But that's where Future Man will surprise you. Yes, it's over the top, ridiculous and raunchy but it's also a lot smarter than one would assume. It points out how ridiculous certain tropes from video games and movies, particularly from the 80's and early 90's are. Yes, you get a bunch of over the top violence, sexual references, dick jokes and ridiculous catch phrases in the middle of fights but the show makes effort to point out how ridiculous those things are and why they feel out of place in today's climate.  Josh Hutcherson's character, Jose Futturman, plays the role of the audience telling Tiger & Wolf ( Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson) that they need to tone it down and "you can't do that". It leans into the ridiculousness while still having the awareness to acknowledge that they're crossing the line many times.

Episode 2, Herpes: Fully Loaded, is a perfect example of this and where the show will sell most folks. When these white characters show up to a party held at a black frat in the 1969, the story handles it all surprisingly well. From addressing the racial disparities at the time, the way the cops treated black people to the dance off between characters, it'll make you wonder who they consulted to write this episode. I went in nervous about this episode and when it was all over, it was my favorite out of the 4 we reviewed. 

If you're a premium member you can listen to Phenom and I talk more about the first 4 episodes below. You can also check out our interviews with Josh Hutcherson and Haley Joel Osment.

Future Man is available on Hulu today.

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