Hotel Artemis Review – A Great Cast, A Simple Story and a Few Good Laughs

A simple story, great cast and some really funny moments makes this a nice short film to sit back and enjoy

Hotel Artemis isn't a complicated movie. It's your basic formula of throwing a great cast that works well together into one location and let their charm and chemistry do the rest. The story is simple, The Nurse (Jodie Foster)  runs the Hotel Artemis, a secret hospital/medical center for the rich and powerful criminal elements of a futuristic world. Getting treated at the Artemis requires membership and following the rules. Things go to shit after a pair of brother bank robbers (Sterling K Brown and Brian Tyree Henry) show up for treatment during a riot. What follows is a series of events leading people to breaking the strict rules of the Artemis.

It's a simple story where you can imagine things would inevitably go wrong. We get some simple backstory on The Nurse and a few other characters but the real charm of this movie is the cast. Sofia Boutella is finally allowed to be the bad ass audiences were hoping for in Atomic Blonde. Dave Bautista continues be a stand out in any role he gets. Throw in Charlie Day, Jeff Goldblum and Zachary Quinto and you can see how this becomes a joy to watch.



Charles (Kriss)

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