Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 5 Review – Dinner Date


Florence Pugh is lovely. Gotta love how she plays Yelena in a way that's so disarming yet also reminds you that she could kill you at any moment. This episode of Hawkeye does well to set us up for the finale. It also does a great job of showing why it was a good idea to put Black Widow after End Game. It's very clear that the Phase 4 MCU theme is how different people deal with grief. When you look at this show, we have Clint, Yelena, Maya and even Kate all being individuals that had different (and in many ways toxic) ways of dealing with grief. 

Also, get you someone that has your back like Laura has Clint's. She basically told him to "Do what you gotta do and hurt who you gotta hurt". 

And then there's the reveal of who the "Big Guy" is. We all kinda knew but it was still great to get confirmation. Also, Marvel are a bunch of assholes for how they did it (a grainy cell phone video? They knew we wouldn't care). We can't wait to see how the finale plays out.

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