Hanna Season 1 – Just Tell Her the Truth


Kriss and Ro had big plans to review season 2 of Hanna and then we realized we never reviewed the first season. Apparently Kriss and Brandon only reviewed the first episode of season 1. So it's time to correct that mistake.

So the best thing about the Hanna TV show is that it's so much better than the movie. This is one of those examples of when a decent concept needs a series of episodes to dive into the characters and add more depth and context. For one, the relationship between Eric (Joel Kinnaman) and Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles) is better presented and explored in the TV show vs the movie. Marissa Wiegler (Mireille  Enos) also benefits heavily from the TV format with this character getting a lot more depth into who she is and her relationship between Eric and Hanna. If anything, the TV show only reaffirms how much Kriss hated the movie.

Now everything isn't perfect here. We feel that the show punted on what could have been a same-sex storyline and went with a typical  "love triangle between teenagers" that added nothing to the characters and story. There's also  a good discussion to be had as to whether Eric would have held Hanna back as much as he did if she was a boy instead of a girl. Still, this is a really enjoyable season and we can wait to dive into season 2 (Stay tuned, that review will drop in a week).

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