Halo Season 1 Episodes 3 & 4 Review: Need More Killing


The first episode of Halo opened up strong and while we appreciate them trying to build out the world and a larger story, we really want them to get back to what got us in the door. We're in a golden age of streaming TV shows right now and what we've learned is that you can tell a really great story without needing 22 episodes. Halo has a 9 episode first season and each episode is almost an hour. Yet it doesn't feel as if the show is using that time efficiently to tell its story. We haven't seen Master Chief (or Silver Team) in action since that first drop-in during episode 1 and that's really a shame. 

That doesn't mean that the story they're telling is bad. It's not. It just needs to be supplemented with more action. Right now the show isn't playing to Pablo Schreiber's strong suit. It's funny because The Mandalorian had the perfect blueprint for how to do this but Halo is really struggling to figure out exactly what story it's trying to tell and how to tell it. There are still some interesting things it's trying to do and plenty of time for it to right the ship. Let's hope they can. 

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