Green Arrow Part 1 – The Emerald Archer


We're kicking off 2020 by covering the Emerald Archer himself, Oliver Queen. With Arrow on CW coming to a close soon, we thought it would be a great time to talk about Oliver Queen.

Green Arrow is another character from DC Comics that has his origins all the way back to the Golden Age. First appearing in More Fun Comics #73 in November 1941 along side his sidekick Speedy (Roy Harper).If you remember back to our history of comics episode, it was comics like Action Comics or Detective comics or in the case of Green Arrow, More Fun Comics, that hosted the first appearances and origins of some of the characters we know. More Fun Comics also had the notable first appearances and origins of:

Golden Age Green Arrow was nothing more than an archer version of Batman. Interesting enough though the character survived relatively in tact with the transition to the Silver Age. Whereas Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott) and Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick) were replaced with new Silver Age characters (Hal Jordan and Barry Allen respectively), Oliver Queen transitioned from Golden to Silver much like Superman and Batman. The Silver Age  is where we get the more modern idea of Green Arrow/Oliver Queen thanks to Neal Adam's art and Denny O'Neil's writing. The liberal leanings of Oliver Queen not only become central to the character but it's also where the real separation between Bruce Wayne/ Batman and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow become clearly defined. We wrap up this first part of our deep dive with Mike Grell's excellent run followed by the last 20 issues of Oliver's second solo series leading up to his death in Green Arrow 101.

We have a lot to discuss so give the episode a listen and stay tune for Part 2 where we pick up with Kevin Smith's run all the way through Benjamin Percy's Rebirth run.


  • Golden Age
    • More Fun Comics #73 - First Appearance of Green Arrow & Speedy (Oliver Queen & Roy Harper)
    • More Fun Comics #89 - First origin told
  • Silver Age
    • Justice League #4
    • Brave and the Bold #85
    • Justice League #85
    • Green Lantern/Green Arrow - Hard Traveling Heroes
  • Bronze Age
    • Green Arrow 4 Issue Mini-Series by Mike Barr (First Green Arrow solo book)
    • Mike Grell Run
      • Green Arrow The Longbow Hunters
      • Green Arrow The Wonder Year
      • Green Arrow Vol 1: Hunters Moon
      • Green Arrow Vol 2: Here There Be Dragons
      • Green Arrow Vol 3: The Trial of Oliver Queen
      • Green Arrow Vol 4: Blood of the Dragon
      • Green Arrow Vol 5: Black Arrow
      • Green Arrow Vol 6: Last Action Hero
      • Green Arrow Vol 7: Homecoming
      • Green Arrow Vol 8: The Hunt for the Red Dragon
    • Zero Hour
    • Green Arrow #100 & #101 - The Death of Oliver Queen

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