THE GIFTED Review: The X-Men Finally Done Right


When it was first announced that Fox would be doing a X-Men TV show, a lot of us were rightfully skeptical. Fox has had the rights to the X-Men for over 17 years and while their animated cartoons certainly resonated, their live action movies leave a lot to be desired for the fans of the X-Men. But after three episodes, The Gifted is proving to be the live action X-Men we've been waiting for. Sure, they don't have costumes and the X-Men and Brotherhood aren't on the show now (they've "disappeared"), but the show nails everything that makes the X-Men so great. From the allegory to civil rights to how emotions affect mutant's powers. It's all in there. We discuss the first three episodes of The Gifted and talk about why we love it so much and what we expect (and hope to see) from the rest of the season.

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