Ghost of Tsushima – Swords Make Everything Better


Swords make everything better. Yes I said it. We're pro-sword here. And when it comes to Ghost of Tsushima, swords and samurai are 

Just looking at the game from a single player point of view, this was a complete, beautiful game. Play this game on a big screen and in 4k and you'll find yourself just staring at it in awe. If you rush through it, you can complete the game in 20-25 hours. But if you start doing the side quests and finding all items, you can go up to 45 - 50 hours. There's so much game here. And then there's the actual story. At times it's heartbreaking and even in victory there's still some really sad moments. I made the mistake of playing this to take my mind off of Last of Us Part II which was starting to get to me because it gets a bit depressing only to find out Ghost of Tsushima has plenty of sad moments itself. And that's not a bad thing (for either game). This is what makes games so good and long lasting. Having stories that can connect to players at an emotional level will always work.

Add to that the ability to chop off people's heads, a combat system that actually requires skill and a beautiful landscape and Ghost of Tsushima is a blast. And that's without even touching the new content in Legends or the Game+ mode. If you haven't gotten into this game yet and have a PS4, you absolutely should.

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