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Kriss, Ashley & Phenom review Focus

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Charles (Kriss)


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    terxav 1 March, 2015 at 10:02 Reply

    The television Leverage follows a team of reformed criminals who con bad guys who are usually very wealthy . Each episode involves an elaborate con that highlights the team member’s talents. And many times the crucial part of the con is yadda yadda and explained in flashback. This happening almost every episode begins to wear on viewers (at least I know it does feel that way to me).

    Focus is great because it is like taking a class in deception, misdirection & science.

    Throughout the movie Will Smith is like Yoda explaining the ways of the con game to Margot Robbie. Except this teacher and pupil have a strong attraction that they act upon.

    The second tutoring session on the hill was amazing , like watching a magician train a pupil. And the Super Bowl series of thefts and how some fit together in other cons is fun to experience.

    Will Smith is soo believable as a con man because he is so likeable, many times con men come across like used car salesmen. You know that they are trying to separate you from your money.

    There was talk in the review about the big con movies and how Focus is different. I liken focus to a tv series that has each episode having a conclusion while also maintaining a multi episode arch. It makes each episode enjoyable and the series as a whole.

    Each scene of Focus gives you a mini story, that combines for a larger narrative . I want to watch this movie on my dvr or blu Ray so I can repeat the lessons being taught, Will Smith drops a large amount of knowledge.

    One of my favorite scenes is so brief but it sums up how people are in the real world. One character expresses his opinion as fact to Will Smith, and he corrects them by saying opinions are subjective not factual. When you see the movie I am talking about the pool scene .

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