The Flash Season 4×15 Review Enter Flashtime – Finally, a Flash Episode We Deserve



There it is. There’s The Flash episode we’ve been waiting for all season. Enter Flashtime is proof that this show can be great when it wants to. This bottle episode hit all the notes. While it doesn’t focus on Devoe, there are subtle hints that it could tie to him. It addresses the new power we saw Barry use in the courtroom with Iris before the break and even gets a good explanation as to why he can’t just do it all the time. We get character development for Jesse & Harry. We get mention of another female speedster at some point. Even Killer Frost and Caitlyn get a bit of development. This episode had it all. It makes us wonder why this show can’t be like this all the time.

Anyway, we’ll just enjoy this moment and hope that the rest of the season is more like this.

Barry, Jessie Quick and Jay Garrick slow down time when a nuclear bomb detonates in downtown Central City.

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