The Flash Season 4×10 Review – The Trial of the Flash – Everyone Gets Stupid



The Flash comes back from break with what might be their worst episode of any season. Trial of The Flash should have been a great emotional episode that shows the duality of Barry’s existence. Instead, the episode is pretty worthless. First, they cram everything into one episode instead of spreading it out. Even if they kept it in one episode, they could have at least given us some montages so it didn’t look like 1 day. Also, poor Cecile. In order to rush through this episode, Cecile is done no favors as they make this seasoned lawyer look completely idiotic. We are not lawyers but we’ve watched a lot of Law & Order and even we can pick apart the case against Barry Allen. I mean…she didn’t even call witnesses, namely ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WERE WITH BARRY WHEN DEVOE’S BODY WAS DUMPED.

This episode is just very frustrating. In this review, Kriss and Dpalm talk about the narrative decisions that are hurting the Flash and question if 22 episodes are just too many for this show. Also, Kriss makes a solid argument for why having Barry reveal his identity is the shot in the arm this show needs.

Oh and…Barry & Iris have a long ass conversation in the speed force in the middle of court? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE PEOPLE? We have a lot of questions (and frustrations) and sadly no answers.



Charles (Kriss)

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