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I almost decided to just write “See my last review” for the review of this episode of The Flash because everything I said last week applies doubly this week. This week’s episode was even better and had an even more shocking ending. I don’t even know where to begin with this episode because I feel like it would just be me making more of the same points I’ve made all season. I’m truly in awe at what they’ve been able to accomplish in just this first season. The truly amazing thing is how everything has been brought into this first season and how it all fits. The writers don’t just throw in characters or themes just because they’re cool but because they fit in with a larger story. I remember the shows we used to get growing up.  I remember the original Flash TV show.  It used to be that we had to settle for either good story telling or good effects or faithfulness to the source. Now we’re getting all three at the same time in the same show.  I almost want to cry tears of joy.

the-flash-fallout-ronnie-caitlinThis episode is an A+++. I'd give it more +'s if I could. At this point you already know what I'm going to say but let me try to find some points to pull out and discuss. First off, I love that they went all in on the dual personalities of Firestorm with Professor Stein and Ronnie. This episode picks up right where the last one ended with Barry & Caitlin trying to escape the blast. I was concerned that once Stein and Ronnie split it would be the end of Firestorm but I’m glad they stuck with it. I loved the idea of having Ronnie and Stein merge correctly and fully embrace the fact that they're now forever linked. The Morse code scene in particular was very well done (And pretty graphic when you think about it). Also having Ronnie/Stein leaving Central City because Eiling would still be after them is a good way of not having the city too crowded. We won’t have to worry about the “Where’s Firestorm?” questions if Barry ever gets into trouble. I will say, that shot of Flash & Firestorm “going home” was just flat out awesome and summed up perfectly the geeky feelings I get when I watch this show.  This episode was also surprisingly emotional with the scenes between Stein and his wife as well as Ronnie and Caitlin.  "We love you" was definitely a scene that tugs at the heart strings a bit.

the-flash-fallout-barryOne of the things that keeps this show different from Arrow is that when it comes to friends/family and secrets, everyone is pretty much open and up front (for the most part). Obviously we have Dr. Wells keeping big secrets and Iris is being kept in the dark (Probably not for much longer though), but there’s still a greater sense of openness with this show. Take for instance Joe bringing Barry back to the house to tell him what they found. He was worried about how Barry would react but he also knew that keeping it from him wasn’t a better option (#BlackFatherHoodMomentofTheWeek in case I needed to spell it out). That’s something Oliver is still trying to learn. The interesting part about this is that Barry realizes that his destiny is to fail. Even still, he’s determined to try to use what he knows to try to save his mother. Now I watched Flashpoint Paradox and I also read the comics. It really feels as though this show is setting up for a Flashpoint type Season 2. Of course we don’t have the Justice League in this universe so there would have to be major differences. But think about it, what if they did that and the crossover with Arrow follows in the footsteps of the comics and has Robert Queen as Arrow instead of Oliver? Hey, that’s a long shot I know, but The Flash really has me thinking anything is possible

the-flash-fallout-eilingThis show has done a very good job of portraying General Eiling as your typical military metahuman hating head honcho. Sure, it’s a one-dimensional character but it’s one that is common in the comic books and fits this character in particular. Two things that stood out to me:

  1. He knows Barry Allen is the Flash. Most of the people who know Barry is the Flash have just as much to lose as he does or are part of his close network of support. However, in the case with the General, he knows because Barry was playing “fast & loose” with his mask. I love that that they brought that up and had a consequence for Barry
  2. The General has been busy with some Anti-Flash tech. I love that this raises the stakes for Barry. Not only does he have to worry about other meta-humans but now the military also has tech that can stop/slow him down. He also had tech to neutralize Firestorm as well. *Sidenote*  Barry is getting a lot faster.  This episode he ran so fast he created a vacuum in order to counteract the weapon used against him.  He's almost there.

As one-dimensional as he is, I’m hoping we get more of Eiling. Of course the end of this episode calls all that into question. This is how you know Arrow and The Flash are in the same universe, The Flash has picked up the habit of ending it’s episodes on “Holy Shit” moments as well. First off, looks like Wells is behind everything. We get him in costume as the Reverse Flash and unmasking himself in front of General Eiling. While not really shocking because all the signs have pointed to Wells, I still have to applaud them for stretching this out in a way to still leave doubt. I like the fact that I felt the same sense of denial that Barry, Cisco and Caitlin have with Wells.  I didn’t want to believe it was really Wells. Sure, he does his share of dirt but is he that evil that he would kill Barry’s mother? I didn’t want to believe it. This is going to be absolutely gut wrenching to Barry, Cisco and Caitlin when the truth comes out. But they didn’t stop there with this episode. Wells drops Eiling off for Grodd to get his hands on him. Not only did Grodd look even better than the last glimpse of him we got but they hint at him having telepathic abilities. “Not God…Grodd” is going to go down in my Top 3 favorite moments of this television season and that’s a feat considering all the things I’ve loved. My only hope is that Grodd doesn’t kill Eiling. I need more of the metahuman hating general.  Just pause for a minute and think about this:  In ONE episode we got Flash, Firestorm, Reverse Flash and Gorilla Grodd.  If I went back into the past like Barry Allen is destined to do and told my 15 year old self that in 2015 I would be watching a live action TV show with these 4 characters on screen and it didn't look cheesy...I would laugh my older self out of the room.  Such a wonderful time to love this nerd stuff.

One thing I want to take a minute to point out is how much I really enjoy Blake Neely's score for this entire season.  I remember sitting down and talking with him during San Diego Comic Con about it and it's truly amazing.  It's distinct but yet familiar to his score on Arrow.  I love how they both feel like they're in the same musical family but still manage to capture the uniqueness of each show and character.

Another fantastic episode. I like the hints that Iris might not be in the dark much longer. I think it’s in the best interest for the character. I think most of the things that annoy people about her will go away once she’s in on the secret. I only really have two negatives for this episode. After all he did to win her back, I did notice the absence of Linda Park this episode. I mean at least a phone call or something would have been nice. The biggest negative though is…this show is on break until March 17th. Why would they do something so cruel to us?

* I know I’m not the only one who notices that Joe has a key to the house from Sherry now. “Official Police Business” I’m sure.



Charles (Kriss)


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    Terxav 18 February, 2015 at 18:58 Reply

    I will start where you finished, how did Joe get that key? And he knew that Sherry was not home, and the equipment was still set up in the house. Yeah I think Barry will have the West house to himself more often in the near future.

    Iris, it is wierd that she complained about being on the paper only because of her Flash connections. But now she is going to use her personal connections to investigate Star Labs – kind of shady. She knows that Star Labs (Caitlan, Cisco & Dr. Wells) were instrumental in Barry’s recovery. How did a reporter she barely knows get her to spy on family and friends? Between cock blocking the episode before, taking the Flash’s photo after he gives her leads on a new story and now agreeing to spy on her friends, Iris is becoming less likeable than Barbara from Gotham. She is developing into Lois Lane from the Superman movies , the pesky reporter. Vs. the Man of Steel Lois Lane who was a true journalist with heart.

    Where could I find a gif of Firestorm and the Flash ?

    How fast is the reverse flash? I still do not understand how Wells could have been in two places at one time. And even if he was that fast, wouldn’t the surrounding atmosphere be affected? I mean when Barry runs he always creates gusts of wind.

    And final thought, is Wells wealthy? I mean how is he maintaining Star Labs? Who feeds the growing number of prisoners? Then again, when you have the Flash he could do that in an instant.

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    PrinceLeron 18 February, 2015 at 22:46 Reply

    I have my own theory on the Dr. Wells/Reverse Flash story line. ***This is pure speculation.***

    I believe that the fight we see in the living room between the two speedsters is the second time that Flash has gone back in time and the first time for the reverse flash. The first time Barry actually did save his mother but that somehow stopped him from becoming the flash. That somehow has a huge negative effect on the future and Dr Wells begins to find a way to go back in time stop Barry from saving his mom. Remember that Dr. Wells operates within the consciousness for both time frames with the help of Gideon. He ends up mimicking Barry’s power to time travel as Reverse Flash.

    I think what happens is that stopping Barry from saving his mom was not enough so now he has guide Barry every step of the way to make sure that The Flash is ready for some pivotal role in the future. I hesitate to speculate if Wells had to kill his mother himself.


    First time: his mom is attacked, young Barry sees nothing and she dies.

    Second time: young Berry sees nothing and The Flash saves her.

    Third time: Reverse Flash stops The Flash causing a commotion and young Barry sees the blur around his mother. This is the timeline we are witnesses.

    But I may be wrong.

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