The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow Review: If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You Can Dodge a Heartbreak



Kriss & Dpalm are back for another Super Tuesday Recap episode. We're discussing the mid-season finales of The Flash (S4E9 Don't Run) and Legends of Tomorrow (S3E9 Beebo The God of War). We're also trying something new with this episode. First up, we're combining the review into just one episode instead of two separate ones. We know most people listen to both and instead of clogging the feeds with two separate downloads we figured it would be easier to just put up one episode. We will have time stamps below for those that want to skip ahead.
Also, we're going to be doing a better job of including other information and general discussion in our episode. For this episode we open up talking about Tom King's latest issue of Batman and how it really nails both Batman and Superman. We end the episode with Dpalm giving his idea of how Warner Brothers can fix the DCEU. Check it out!
Oh and we did the show on Facebook Live. Don't worry, you didn't miss an announcement. It was a last minute decision by me (Kriss) to test out going Live. We're going to be running some tests for the next few shows so that hopefully we can start doing them more frequently in 2018.
  • Tom King's Batman - 00:01:00
  • The Flash Review Season 4 Episode 9 Don't Run - 00:10:45
  • Legends of Tomorrow Review Season 3 Episode 9 Beebo The God of War - 00:42:55
  • Dpalm fixes the DCEU 01:04:58

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