The First Trailer for The New Mutants Is More Generic Horror Than X-Men


The first trailer for The New Mutants is here and while it does look interesting and not half bad, nothing about it really stands out as far as it being an X-Men property. I had to go to IMDB to pull out which characters would be in this film (Magik, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Mirage and Sunspot). Without doing that, or seeing the Marvel logo and the one mention of mutants, this would be a pretty interesting looking young teen horror film set in what looks like an asylum. 

And let me be clear. It doesn't look bad from the trailer (really more of a teaser). Like Logan, this could turn out to be a really good movie. But also like Logan, it seems like it won't be a good X-Men film. I guess I'm a little tired of Fox trying so hard to erase the identity of the X-Men (and their affiliates) from their movies under the guise of "being risky." That just doesn't make any sense. Deadpool was successful because it embraced the core of the character. You could still consider it a "risky movie" but it honestly mitigated its risk by embracing its source. But New Mutants seems like its more horror film with X-Men affiliation sprinkled in conservatively. I'm tired of that compromise.

New Mutants opens April 13, 2018.



Charles (Kriss)

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