First Teaser Trailer for ‘Star Trek Beyond’


With JJ Abrams moving on to the Star Wars franchise, we now get Justin Lin to step in to helm Star Trek Beyond and now we have our first teaser trailer for the film. Honestly I forgot this film was coming out in 2016. That's no knock against it, just 2016 it already packed full of high action geek movies.

Now I've argued over and over again with Trekkies that these rebooted movies are some of the best in the Star Trek franchise. I know there's no convincing them. I grew up on Star Trek and even I recognize the flaws and issues with the original movies. A lot of what I see Trekkies say is missing from these movies is actually in these movies. The only difference is the action of the films is actually good. A blockbuster Star Trek film that leaves out the exciting parts is just asking for the franchise to fail. I think these films do a great job of balancing the action and still hitting the important pieces that matter. And at the end of the day, the important pieces are the crew. I find this crew really nail the personalities of their characters and how they interact with each other. That to me has always been the core of an Star Trek show or movie.

As for this trailer, I'm really interested in seeing what Justin Lin does. He single handedly made the Fast & the Furious series. That series should have been straight to DVD after Tokyo Drift and he managed to give it new life. One thing that is underrated about Lin is that he was able to take a cast with limited acting abilities and tailor the movie so that he maximized their strengths and minimized their weaknesses. This is why Fast 6 is a better movie to me than Furious 7. There were a lot of scenes in Furious 7 where the cast was given acting assignments they just couldn't pull off. It really made me appreciate Fast 6 more. And its what makes me excited for Star Trek Beyond. The cast of Star Trek is infinitely more talented and has more range than the Fast & Furious crew and I think that can really give Lin a lot to work with. Plus, we get Idris Elba as the bad guy. I'm not sure if he's the alien we see towards the end of the teaser but it's implied. Wouldn't be shocked though if that was just misdirection. Either way, I'm just happy we might get a good Star Trek film and a Star Wars film (Rogue One) in the same calendar year.



Charles (Kriss)

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