Felicity Jones in Talk to Star in ‘Star Wars’ Stand Alone



THR is reporting that Felicity Jones is in negotiations to be the female lead in Gareth Edwards' stand alone Star Wars film due out next year.


Felicity JonesJones is now in talks to star in the project, which Gareth Edwards is directing and Chris Weitz — who was just hired last week — is writing. Weitz is replacing Gary Whitta, who penned the first draft.

Actresses were meeting, reading and testing last week in Los Angeles for the role, with Tatiana Maslany and Rooney Mara among those in the mix.

The secrecy surrounding the project is thicker than the mists of Dagobah, and it is even unclear which character the stand-alone is focusing on. Sources say that Aaron Paul and Edgar Ramirez are on the interest list for the male lead.

Disney had no comment.

The movie has a release date of Dec. 16, 2016. SOURCE


As with any time we're talking about someone being "in talks" to take a role, you have to remember that there's a chance that talks will fall through.  Just last week there were talks that Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany was up for this role.  So anything's possible.  But it is looking like Jones will be taking this role.  Last thing I saw Felicity Jones in was The Theory of Everything opposite of Eddie Redmayne and I really enjoyed her in that role.  And despite my feelings about last year's Godzilla movie, Gareth Edwards is a very talented director.  I remember when people were worried about Disney buying LucasFilms but so far Disney seems to be making all the right movies (Sorta like they did when they bought Marvel).  I really think we're going to see them breathe new life into the Star Wars franchise.




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