Fantasia Fest: The Mortuary Collection

The Mortuary Collection is an excellent reprisal of the horror anthology. We're already jonesing for the next installment.

The Mortuary Collection, a 2020 Fantasia Festival Official Collection, is an horror anthology collection available in the on-demand library.  Written and directed by Ryan Spindell, this anthology offers four twisted tales of the dead. Between the striking cinematography leveling up the visuals and the meta storytelling it's one not to miss. 

Spindell's love letter to the past is a cohesive narrative that sets the stage (hopefully) for more. Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown) caretaker and mortician at Raven’s End Mortuary, knows the histories of the dead. Their stories fill the countless books on Dark's shelves. When a woman shows to answers his help wanted add she challenges him to share macabre stories so she "knows what she's getting into." 

Caitlin Custer as Sam in The Mortuary Collection

Ro said it after finishing and stands by, The Mortuary Collection is a brilliant blend of all the best elements from 70s/80s horror comics/movies, & pulp fiction. It's lush, goulish, and delightfully twisted anthology. If you like the Creep Show or Tales From the Crypt then this one's definitely for you. It entertains, disturbs, and is at turns, flat out creepy. 

Ro and Kriss dug all four stories and the wraparound narrative that make up the mixtape that is The Mortuary Collection. Listen in as they dig into this Fantasia Film Festival Official Selection. 

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