Fables 6 – 18 Comic Book Book Club This Saturday


Our Fables panel will be back this Saturday. Since it's Valentine's Day we'll be doing it earlier than usual.  Right now we're scheduled for noon on Saturday.

Volume 2 is called "Animal Farm" and it is issues 6-10:

Travel to upstate New York, where the non-human Fable characters have found refuge on a farm, miles from mankind. But all is not well on the farm — and a conspiracy to free them from the shackles of their perceived imprisonment may lead to a war that could wrest control of the Fables community away from Snow White. Starring Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Volume 3 is called "Story Book Love" and is issues 11-18


In Storybook Love, Bigby and Snow have been stranded as part of a scheme of Bluebeard's. Plus, the one shot of "Bag O'Bones" about Jack Horner, plus a two-part caper and a one shot about Smalltown.

As always you can join us in the chatroom on spreecast (link will be posted later this week). There's also still plenty of room on this panel if you want to join us.  Email me at CBBC@MovieTrailerReviews.net.  You can also email in your thoughts in if you can't join us live but still want to have your voice heard.



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